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Mandate: To fast track the development of nuclear electricity generation in Kenya.
Vision: Safe, efficient and reliable nuclear technology for electricity generation.
Mission: Promote safe & secure application of nuclear technology for sustainable electricity generation & distribution in Kenya.
Core Values: Safety and Security, Clean Environment Integrity, Professionalism, Transparency & Accountability, Innovation, Efficiency..

About KNEB


KNEB is comprised of a board and a secretariat. To find out more click the link below.


Service Charter

KNEB's Service Charter

KNEB is committed in delivering services to the public in a timely manner. To view our public service charter, click below.



KNEB is open to feedback and any complaints from the public. Kindly contact us on any such issues via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Establishment of KNEB

    Kenya's Vision 2030 which is the country's development blueprint points to energy as an eneabler. The Nuclear Electricity Project Committee was established under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy through The Kenya Gazette Notice No. 14188 of 19th November 2010. NEPC has since been transformed into a statutory body under the State Corporations Act (Cap 446) through Legal Notice No. 131 dated 16th November 2012.

    It was hereinafter renamed Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board (KNEB). It's raison d'etre is to realize Kenya's Vision 2030 by fast tracking the development of nuclear power in order to enhance the production of affordable and reliable electricity.

  • KNEB's Functions

    • To promote and expedite the development of nuclear electricity in Kenya.
    • Undertake Public education and awareness on Kenya's nuclear power programme;
    • Identify, prepare and facilitate the implementation of a roadmap for a nuclear pwoer programme;
    • In collaboration with relevant government agencies, develop a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework for nuclear electricity generation in Kenya;
    • Develop a human resource capacity to ensure Kenya has the requisite manpower to successfully establish and maintain a nuclear power programme;
    • Identify appropriate sites in Kenya for the construction of nuclear power plants and related amenities;
  • Kenya's Nuclear Dateline

    2010: The Nuclear Electricity Project Committee is formed under the Ministry of Energy


    2012: NEPC is transformed into the Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board (KNEB).


    2022: Commissioning of Kenya's first nuclear power plant producing up to 1000MW.


    2030: Four nuclear power plants in operation producing up to 4,000 MW of electricity.