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NuPEA Chief Executive Officer - Eng. Collins Juma speaking at the 28th Institution of Engineers of Kenya Annual International Conference
NuPEA Chief Executive Officer - Eng. Collins Juma speaking at the 28th Institution of Engineers of Kenya Annual International Conference

NuPEA participated in the 28th Institution of Engineers of Kenya Annual International Conference held on 9th– 12th November 2021 at Pride Inn Paradise – Mombasa alongside the 4th IEK Women Engineers Summit.

The Conference whose theme was “Engineers Accelerating Sustainable Economic Recovery” presented a great opportunity for delegates to reflect on current and future challenges facing humanity and discuss strategies for sustainable economic recovery. It also aimed to; celebrate Kenyan engineers and key engineering activities in various sectors that have impacted the lives of Kenyans, showcase the role of engineers in contemporary socio-economic development; to explain the importance of engaging professional engineers in projects at national and county levels; to highlight the role of women in engineering and to emphasize the importance of engineers in helping Kenya achieve its Vision 2030 goals.

NuPEA sponsored the event in the Bronze category and exhibited, to interact with participants by addressing their concerns on matters Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Financing, Radioactive Waste Management, Human resource and Capacity Building and Industrial Involvement among others while familiarizing them with the progress and milestones achieved to-date in Kenya’s nuclear power programme.

While delivering his address, NuPEA Chief Executive Officer Eng. Collins Juma mentioned that as countries slowly begin to emerge from the devastating health and economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference presents a countless opportunity to the delegates to reflect on engineering innovations to rebuild a more resilient and sustainable economy in the wake of ‘New Normal’. He further stated that, the conference will provide a platform for sharing and exchanging best practices in the various engineering disciplines in response to pandemics and the contribution of the engineering fraternity to the economic and social pathways to recovery.

NuPEA is committed to promoting and supporting other corporate citizens that advocate strategies for sustainable economic recovery.

“Engineers are at the forefront in every facet of the society and are key drivers of innovation, thus we need to be at the table for policy formulation both at the national and county Government levels. We have a responsibility to create employment through manufacturing and industrialization, provide affordable and decent housing and enhance food security as outlined in the Big 4 Agenda. As engineers, we must have the natural environment in mind, the ravaging effects of pollution and climate change can no longer be ignored and we need to be intentional in our processes to ensure that there is no undue burden passed to our future generation. It is upon us to ensure the development in country and the region as we involve the women and youth.”  Said Eng. Collins Juma.

Participants were drawn from various spheres of influence. International community, Kenyan engineers, departments and agencies related to engineering work and government ministries. The four-day physical and virtual event featured paper and poster presentations around the main theme from participants.

Paper and poster presentations Presented by NuPEA Engineers included;

  • Workforce Development for Kenya’s Nuclear Power Programme
  • A Systematic approach to siting of Energy projects: ACase study of Nuclear Power Plant Siting in Kenya
  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Power Plans in Kenya
  • Role of localization capacity, Assessment in Determining Optimum Inclusion of Local Industries in Kenya’s Nuclear Power Program
  • Evaluation of Utilization of, Nuclear Technology Beyond Electricity Generation in Kenya