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Electrical Grid

electricity grid system

An electrical grid system is an interconnected network for delivering electricity from generators (power plant) to consumers. It consists of; step up and step down substation, high voltage transmission lines that carry power from generating power plants to demand centres, and distribution lines that connect individual customers.

The safe and economic operation of a nuclear power plant (NPP) requires the plant to be connected to an electrical grid system that has adequate capacity for transmitting the electricity generated and provide reliable electrical supply to the Nuclear power plant for safe startup, operation during normal or emergency shutdown of the plant.

A multiagency technical evaluation of Kenya’s present electrical grid has been undertaken to analyze the existing capacity against the requirements for a nuclear power programme. i.e. to check existing grid capacity, power quality, grid characteristics, grid connections and its integration with NPPs, and outline the improvements to the existing power grid to meet the international requirements for safe, secure, efficient and reliable operation of nuclear power plant.