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Human Resource and Development

HRD Capacity Building

Nuclear power technology requires highly knowledgeable and skilled individuals to ensure its development and growth. NuPEA has identified HRD as a central part towards the implementation of safe nuclear energy program. Currently policies and strategies towards attaining a sustainable workforce via HRD are being formulated. These policies and strategies shall strengthen, develop, maintain and implement capacity building programs, including education, training and exercises at the national, regional and international levels. In doing so Kenya shall continuously ensure sufficient and competent human resources necessary to assume their responsibility for safe, responsible and sustainable use of nuclear energy technologies.

In line with the HRD policies and strategies, NuPEA has continuously facilitated training of its staff through postgraduate studies and other relevant training courses on nuclear energy both locally and internationally. Further to this; Kenya has signed multiple MOUs with various countries that are conversant and established in nuclear energy technology. The main objective of the MOUs is to help the country build the human resource capacity to safely and efficiently run the nuclear power programme in the country. These agreements will facilitate easier channels to conduct training and knowledge sharing with these countries. Currently, countries that Kenya has signed agreed MOUs with include South Korea, China and Russia. The agency also offers scholarship for Kenyans at the Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology in the University of Nairobi.