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Progress of Kenya Nuclear Power Development

roadmap for kenya nuclear power programme

The Kenya Vision 2030 has identified Energy as a key enabler for its realization. The Least Cost Power Development Plan (LCPDP) and the Energy Bill 2016 have also recognized the need for inclusion of nuclear energy in Kenya’s energy mix.

Nuclear Power and Energy Agency (NuPEA) is following the three phased International Atomic Energy Agency guideline.

The Agency with assistance from the IAEA has done extensive work in the implementation of the nuclear power programme in the country. The various activities undertaken include: Pre-feasibility study; Human resource development, Electric grid study, Strategic environmental assessment; regulatory framework development and public engagement.


The Agency has developed a 15 years strategic plan for the implementation of Kenya’s Nuclear Power Programme. The strategic plan covers 22 key issues that are vital for the establishment of the necessary infrastructure related to the nuclear power programme in the country.

The strategic plan provides a detailed action plan for each of the 22 issues, action points required in all the three phases of the nuclear power programme with a clear mechanism of risk identification and mitigation. The strategic plan ensures the seamless achievement of the activities at each step in the development of the nuclear infrastructure. The roles of relevant institution have also been outlined in the strategic plan.