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NuPEA Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Nuclear Safety Conventions

Convection On Assistance

Convection On Early Notification

Convection On Nuclear Safety

Joint Convection On Spent Fuel Management

Public Advert for  the Public Participation

Draft National Nuclear Policy

NuPEA Strategic Plan 2020-2025 Final Version

Energy Act 2019

NuPEA Strategic Plan 2020-2025 Abridged Version

NuPEA Anti-Corruption and Bribery Procedures


Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment Report for the Kenya Nuclear Power Programme

SESA National Validation Workshop Registration Form

NuPEA Service Delivery Charter

NuPEA Service Delivery Charter – English

NuPEA Service Delivery Charter – Kiswahili

Access to Information Documents

Access to Information Act no. 31 of 2016

NuPEA Procedure for Access to Information

NuPEA Access to Information Request Form