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KNEB Staff Feted At The 19th World Festival Of Youth And Students In Russia

Brian Nyawinda (Extreme Left) pose with his teammates after being declared winners at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students held in October 2017 in Sochi, Russia

Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board staff Mr. Brian Nyawinda was feted for an outstanding concept for a sustainable future project in the just concluded 19th World Festival of youth and students held in October 2017 in Sochi, Russia. The festival brought together youths from all over the world who were tasked to come up a project that will solve a problem the world in the future.

Pitted against other Youths from all over the world Nyawinda a research Assistant at KNEB was among a delegation of young talents and future leaders who were feted for their outstanding project aimed at creating a sustainable future during the “19th World Festival of Youth and Students held in October 2017 in Sochi, Russia.

Under the theme: “For peace, solidarity and social justice, we struggle against imperialism. Honoring our past, we build the future”. Mr. Nyawinda and his team, presented a project entitled “Aqua-cities” – self-sustainable floating cities, which will be engineered to solve the overpopulation problem in the future with the use of water purification system and alternative sources of energy.

The winning project was among the five best of over 300 presented, the participants were drawn from different countries. The team included Engr Caso Ojinnaka(Nigerian) Bence Kajtar(Hungary) Назаров Антон(Russia) Дмитрий Володин(Russia) Navindu Sachintha Devaraja(Sri Lanka) Sergey Urvancev(Russia), Николай Литвинцев(Russia), Iveya Vlasova(Russia), Lidiya Volkova(Russia), Сергей Воронков(Russia).

The team was privileged to present the project to Russian President Vladimir Putin who officially opened the ceremony. In addition various awards and media coverage in Russia newspapers and television.

In his remarks, President Putin said, “I am confident, you, the youth from various countries, of various nationalities and religions, are united by a common feeling of values and goals, striving for freedom, happiness, peace and accord on the planet, and aspiration for bigger achievements.”

During the opening ceremony, youth leaders from various parts of the globe presented the key themes of the festival – science, environment, energy, education, overcoming poverty and information technologies – with their stories of successful projects intended to improve people’s lives and lay the basis for a brighter and safer future.

The festival brought together 25,000 participants from 185 countries, including leaders of youth organizations, political parties, scientists, teachers, programmers, journalists, scholars, engineers, athletes, artists and many more.

The festival was designed to enable participants could get training, discussions, roundtable, and workshops and spend time and exchange experiences and thoughts. For a week the participants attended lectures, seminars, participated in foresight sessions from leading experts in various fields, attended concerts of famous musicians, skated, watched the air show “Falcons of Russia” and got acquainted with the cultural diversity of Russia.

The WFYS aims to consolidate international youth community, strengthen international ties, as well as promote international and intercultural cooperation. One of the main goals of the 19th Festival was to shape a common vision of the future by the young leaders from different countries, trying to articulate responses to the most pressing challenges of the generation.