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staff sensitization workshop on productivity mainstreaming
NuPEA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Justus Wabuyabo, the Management, the Productivity Champions, and the facilitators from the NPCC and SRC pose for a photo during the workshop.

Under the new government requirements of the 20th Cycle Performance Contract, the Nuclear Power and Energy Agency recently convened a productive workshop from July 1st to 5th, 2024, to develop a Productivity Matrix and Index to implement Productivity Management. The government is implementing this initiative as part of its endeavors to improve productivity in the public sector.

The workshop was conducted by a team from the National Productivity and Competitiveness Centre, a government entity under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, and the Salary and Remuneration Commission, which provided technical support and guidance to the NuPEA team. Mr. Justus Wabuyabo, the Chief Executive Officer of the Nuclear Power and Energy Agency, underscored the significance of collaborative efforts in enhancing productivity during his opening address. Additionally, he reiterated the agency’s unwavering commitment to the implementation of the government’s new productivity management guidelines. He encouraged the team to be attentive and participative during the workshop.

As part of the goal for the week-long workshop, the facilitators did presentations to shed light on the expectations and requirements and guided the working sessions. Additionally, they undertook an online sensitization session with every employee of the Nuclear Power and Energy Agency, which was key to ensuring implementation. As part of the presentation to the staff, the facilitators took the team through the new guidelines and the developed productivity matrix by the champions to put things in perspective and familiarize NuPEA staff with the expectations. 

In his remarks, Dr. Nahashon Moitaleel, the Secretary of NPCC, underscored the importance of culture change as a catalyst for productivity. He pointed out the significance of nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and maintaining quality while promoting a zero-tolerance approach to waste. Additionally, Dr. Moitaleel committed to offering technical assistance as required to guarantee efficiency and effectiveness.

The NuPEA Productivity Champions and the facilitators collaborated to successfully develop the Productivity Matrix and index which defined the targets for the FY 2024/2025. This established a baseline for the Agency’s new financial year. This accomplishment emphasizes the agency’s dedication to improving productivity in its effort to achieve its goal of fast-tracking the development of the nuclear power program in Kenya and complying with government requirements.